Forward Deployed Engineer @ UpGuard

It’s an exciting time to work at UpGuard. Our customers are in the middle of digitally transforming their businesses and they need our help. UpGuard is at the front lines of solving enterprise-scale IT operations and development problems. Our product scans and tracks reams of server and device configurations within any enterprise. Their administrators can then do powerful things with that data—visualize and pinpoint inconsistencies and vulnerabilities, create policies to standardize a configuration, or even create automation scripts based on running machines to replicate and scale their infrastructure. Demand is going through the roof, and we’re in search of Forward Deployed Engineers to bolster our ranks.

As a FDE, you understand our customers better than anyone. You feel their greatest pain points and design robust solutions to address them. Projects often start with a nebulous question like “How can I integrate UpGuard with my custom app?” or “How can we identify configuration drift across 1,800 servers on 3 continents?”

You’re a fast mover and thorough thinker. You develop solutions and see them through the entire process, from high-level design and prototyping to application development and data integration. You solicit constant feedback from both customers and colleagues, improving our products over time in rapid iteration cycles. You deploy cutting-edge code to solve difficult problems. You work with customers around the world both onsite and offsite, from first contact to successful deployment, and you gain unique insight into the world’s most important industries and institutions.


A solid background in development is a must, as well as a basic/working knowledge of operations concepts such as server administration. Our approach is to deploy whatever technology is best to solve the problem at hand. Recently, we’ve worked with:

  • AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, C#, Golang, Python, and PowerShell
  • AWS Azure, DigitalOcean, and Google Cloud Compute
  • Windows Server 2003 and up, and many flavors of Linux including RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, CoreOS, and more
  • Network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and WAFs

And it probably goes without saying, but strong collaborative and communication skills are required. In addition to technical skill, you’ll need:

  • Impeccable written and verbal English
  • Strong interpersonal skills, not only internally with the team but with customers and end users
  • A demonstrated history (GitHub/portfolio/résumé) of collaboration on projects or products utilizing one or more of the technologies we use (Ruby/Rails, Golang, JS, Angular, PostgreSQL)
  • The ability to work closely with other engineers in a DevOps environment


Here’s a short demo of our co-founder with the product. Have a look and see if it interests you, and if so, get in touch. If we think you’re right for us (and if we are right for you, too) we’ll be in contact within a week. Be sure to include links to your work (GitHub/personal website/portfolio) so we have something to admire.

We are looking to fill this role in our Mountain View office, our Portland office and REMOTELY on the East Coast.

Please specific your region when applying.
IE: Forward Deployed Engineer – Portland

Candidates must be authorized to work in the U.S.

UpGuard is a product to monitor your networks, servers and application. It detects intrusions and risk of data leaks to optimize the security of your network.